Standard Iron Humate

Dried, processed, and screened Iron Humate.

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Mag Iron

Iron Humate Granulated with Magnesium.

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Fumigated Iron Humate

Fumigated Iron Humate to reduce live seeds.

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Iron Sulfate is a long lasting source of iron.

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What is Iron Humate?

Iron Humate provides a highly effective, controlled release iron, with Organic, Humic and Fulvic acids to enhance plant growth. The organic acids in Iron Humate complex with nutrients which makes the nutrients more readily available to the plants. Iron Humate also improves moisture retention in sandy soils, increases soil structure and promotes better soil health. It is a clean source of plant food and soil enhancer that is derived from river water colored by natural decay of leaves and other organic plant matter.

About Vigiron

Vigiron is a manufacture of natural organic fertilizers, agricultural fertilizers, soil amendments, plant nutrients and more. We strive to deliver products that will improve the long term health of your soils and also the quality and quantity of your produce.

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