Iron Humate

Iron Humate is one of the few granular sources of iron that is available to plants. It has the added benefit of Organic, Humic and Fulvic acids which increases nutrient availability, soil health and soil cation exchange capacity. It also helps sandy soils retain water which provides plants better drought tolerance.

Iron Humate is derived from naturally occurring organic matter in river water. As such, it is a clean product and meets national drinking water standards. It is safe to apply alone or in combination with most commercial fertilizers. Iron humate is particularly effective in alkaline soils and is a natural remedy for plants that show iron chlorosis.

If you are using Iron Humate then “Pat yourself on the back” according to a University of Florida study.*1 The study found that Iron Humate and Fe EDTA were the only two sources of granular iron which had an impact on turfgrass quality. Iron Humate is significantly less expensive than Fe EDTA and thus has a price to performance ratio many times greater than commercial chelates.

*Turf Grass Nutrition: Iron, Manganese, and Magnesium. By Shaddox, PHD, Unruh PHD, Kruse, PHD.